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Closing a great real property deal sooner yet you don’t have the funds yet? Hard money loan at Phoenix AZ might be the answer that you have seeking all this time. We can offer you fast financing to save and close that deal without wasting any minute. We offer loans provided by private investors that approve loan requests more efficiently and much fairly compared to the common loan matrix that traditional bank loans and lending institutions usually offer. This means that the entire loan process is really much easier; you can have the approval in two days and a week right after, you’ll get the funds, absolutely!


No surprises

Our hard money loan fees and rates are competitive with other lending institutions. Nevertheless, rest assured that we offer black and white interest rates and other upfront payment fees. We promise an absolutely no surprises at all. No hidden charges, no secret fees and no surprise rates while paying off the loan.


Straightforward Lending Process

Dealing with traditional lenders has a lot of channeling factors causing delays while with private investors, you are rest assured that you are directed to a single channel and that’s between you, the borrower and the private investor. This means that you can expect almost no holding and you can get the funds right on time.


Same-day mandate

Got no time prolonging the agony? We got you! In just an hour, we can immediately inform you whether your loan process is doable. And expect your letter of loan commitment right the very next day. We have no time to keep you waiting.


Brisk Closing

What’s great about dealing with Private lenders is the over-all underwriting process is grease wheels. This means that in no time, you can get the hard money loan and speed up to closing your real estate property deal.

Accelerated and Extensible Financial Assistance Phoenix AZ

Traditional lenders and bank institutions dig deeply through your credit history and financial capability like there’s no tomorrow. This historical process of funding creates tons of delays and a huge chance of getting your loan request disapproved. This is what we have been trying to avoid hence we give fair chances to everyone go through a more literal approaching in approving your loan. We offer straightforward funding to make sure that you’ll get the funds in no time. Also, we give our borrowers legion of loan options. Get the money you need and the terms that will best work for you. The rates are competitive but rest assured that there are never any hidden fees and surprise fees. We offer black and white loan commitments to our borrowers as much as we can.

Bridge Funding

Short term real estate financing or mostly known as bridge funding is the most perfect way to make use of your hard money loan. If you need funds that you can pay off after a short time then we can provide an easy and quick solution for you. The process of Bridge financing is absolutely shortened as well so you can get the money fast and close that real estate property deal pronto and bickering free. See what we can do for you as we offer you short-term bridge loan solutions. If the equity is right and just, expect us to grant your bridge loans in just a couple of days. 


At Phoenix AZ, When Others Say No, We Say Yes!


Bank Refusals

As for some borrowers, banks turning them down make them deal with private lenders thus hard money loans. This is the case why hard money lending industry has been the second option however; it doesn’t mean that we offer only the second best as well. As a matter of fact, when getting hard money loans open you to numerous possible loan options that your bank lender cannot give. Bank institutions usually use a computer to approve a borrower’s loan request whilst with private money lenders, you are to deal with a real person hence there’s a fairer approval decision of your file. Even though your bank has turned you down, you still have a vast chance to get your real estate deal funded and we will not let you down this time.


Easy Loan Process

In just three easy steps, you can get your next real estate property deal funded. Click and supply us with minimal information. Know our rates and offers. Lastly, borrow and you can now get the hard money loan to close that escrow and seal your property deals. Absolutely free of trouble!


In Cases of Defaults and Foreclosures

Defaults and foreclosures happen; these are part of getting you a real estate property deal. These unfortunately arise due to so many reasons but we strongly believe that most of these weren’t because of the property owners. Thus, instead of judging, we come up with better solutions to quickly fix your defaults and foreclosures. We attend to your financing needs with no digging your credit histories and property defaults.


Letter of Loan Commitment in One Day

Wroking with private investors give you the benefits of working on your loan approval as fast as we can. We will mandate your loan processing in an hour and you can expect your letter or loan commitment as fast as after one day. Don’t get us wrong because funds are absolutely available too that you can get it in just a few days. You’ll close the deal tomorrow then you’ll get your letter of loan commitment tomorrow as well. No time wasted and no real estate property opportunity to miss. No need to line in a queue and no computer-based loan approval so you can expect fast and efficient results.

We offer:

  • Fast Loan Processing
  • Competitive Rates with no hidden charges
  • Letter of Loan Commitment in 1 Day
  • Bridge Funding
  • Real people loan approval process

Need a quick and hassle free real estate loan approval at Phoenix AZ? We offer you the most trusted hard money lending. Call us now 555-555-5555