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Are you looking for financial assistance to close that next property deal quick and efficient? Hard money loan Anaheim CA is all that you need. We offer you fast and better solutions to your real estate loan. We give financial assistance to borrowers looking for private investors that will approve their loans based on fairer and more common loan approval process that a standard loan matrix that any other traditional lending institutions offer. Compared to bank and any other lending, processing a hard money loan is not just hassle free but really fast and easy. You can get your letter of loan commitment in a speed of light and the funds right after that.


Direct Business with Private Investors

When you deal directly to private investors, the underwriting process is guaranteed fasten and more efficient. This means that you can get your real estate property deal funded in just a few days and close the deal like greased lightning. No queue, no panel discussions, no computer-based approval process and no waiting game.


Head-on Lender and Broker

We offer the best loan offers from direct private investors. No gaps and no bridges in between making all the underwriting process in nothing flat to give your funds right on time. Fast money to allow you close that escrow and seal your deal.


Fast Confirmation

Do you hate waiting for a confirmation? Are you looking for same day approval? We’ve got them all for you. Hard money loans Anaheim CA, can immediately give you a go-ahead if your loan is doable just after a few hours we have checked your files. And your letter of loan commitment will be handed shortly. We hate keeping our borrowers waiting.


Easy Loan Process

Our state-of-the-art resources are just beyond your fingertips. Aside from the best loan solutions that we offer, we also give the easiest way to apply for a loan. Just click, know and borrow. We will guide you every step of the way, may you be online or on-the-go! Call us now and let’s start processing your hard money!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a specific asset-based financing where the borrower gets funds to close a real estate property deal secured by collateral in real estate. Hard money loans are funded by private investors that mainly focus on more common loan approval process rather than specific loan matrix those banks and other lending institutions have.

What if I have bad credit history and low credit score?

Hard money lenders focus mainly on the value of the equity in the property to secure a loan. Thus, we don’t look being the borrowers’ past circumstances. We approve loans fairly so whether a borrower has a bad credit history and low credit scores, we still try sans pareil to offer best loan terms that will allow you to fully use your hard money loan. Your misfortunes are not so big for us, your future with us is what matters most.

What if banks have turned me down?

Banks and other traditional lending institutions use computer-based loan approval process to check on your files hence the judgment is somehow unfair. Whilst with private investors, we have real people to check your files and do the approval. Like what we always say, when others say no, we absolutely say yes!

What kinds of loans do you offer?

Hard money loans are variety of asset-based loans where your loans get approved depending on the value of the collateral. When the equity of the real estate property is good then expect to get a much better loan value double-time. We offer short-term loans too most commonly known as bridge loans. We swiftly fund your real estate property deals, fix your defaults and disclosures then return the money after a short period of time. We fund bridge loans with low rates and still, flexible and negotiable terms.

How long does the loan process take?

Because we offer loans from a direct private investor, you can expect that we can typically approve your loan in just 24 hours. Same-day approval, that’s what we work on and your letter of loan commitment will be in hand after a day and your funds will be available in just a few days. We have automated hard money loan process and we have direct access to capital hence the overall underwriting loan process is absolutely quick and hassle free.

What are the rates?

All of our hard money loans have fixed interest-only rates that are all subject to a variety of factors. Supply us with minimal information so we can provide you with a written offer. Don’t worry though because we offer expansible loan terms to help you pay off the loan without trouble. Plus, we guarantee no hidden charges and any other surprise fees and rates.

How do I apply?

Applying for a hard money loan is fast and easy! You can now email or call us directly and let’s talk through your loan scenario so we can come up with the finest loan terms that will work best for you. Once we have your answers to simple questions, we can already determine whether your loan is doable or how can we help you to make it work for the both of us. It’s fast, easy and absolutely FREE to apply so what are you waiting for? Start now!

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What are you waiting for? Deal with direct private investors. Get your next real estate property deal funded and close that escrow soon. Application is absolutely SIMPLE, FAST and FREE. Apply now!