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We are a direct private money lender San Bernardino, CA that finances your business loans, commercial real estate properties and other real estate investments you have in mind. A direct hard money lending institution reassures you that you can get the funds you need to close your next real estate property deal double time. Our excellent reputation over the years have reassured our borrowers fast and easy financing solutions during their challenging times. We have been keeping our promise of approving real estate loans in 1 day and handing Letter of Loan Commitment afterwards. SURE, FAST and EASY!

We provide better financing solutions than Banks and Other Lending Institutions at San Bernardino, CA


Direct lender with no middleman

Compared to other banks and other lending institutions, getting hard money loans from a direct lender fastens and makes the entire underwriting process easier. Because there’s no middleman, we direct access to the capital funds reassuring our borrowers that their preapproved loans are absolutely vouched for. Because all of our money is ours, our loans don’t depend on the approval of third parties. We don’t have any middle man withal, in this way there’s no reason for any delays and hang-ups. We guarantee not just easy and hassle free loans but doubtlessly quick and precise.


Fast Loan Approval with Minimal documentation

Banks and other traditional lending institutions process loan requests in a matter of weeks and sometimes months. This is due to abounding documents a borrower must submit and the mandate takes time as well. Unlike with hard money lending, we check your files and requests minimal documentation without digging your past circumstances. We based on the value of the collateral thus if the equity is good, we’re all set. This means that we have shorter time needed to secure, validate and check all the documents hence more concise underwriting process, faster approval and rapid funds on your hand. No panel interviews either, just customized structuring plans between the borrower and the lender.


Variety of Loan Types

Over the years, we have an excellent reputation of financing extensible and customized loan structures for our borrowers. We provide the best financing solutions to borrowers without putting pressure on them hence whether it’s for closing a new real estate property deal, to fix a foreclosure or default, to fund a home remodeling or finance commercial properties, we try our best to help them without regard to their credit history and credit scores.


Fair Loan Approval Process

We offer equity-based loans that open new doors of opportunities to all real estate investors and homeowners to finance their business loans, commercial property loans and any other real estate investment deals. We offer various types of loans with flexible terms to all borrowers despite of their past circumstances and any other misfortunes such as bankruptcy and in cases of defaults and foreclosures. Compared to traditional lending, we have real people to check on their files and we don’t do loan approvals through computer-based applications. This means that we give fair chances to all borrowers including those who do not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines.

Easy, Fast and FREE Loan Application San Bernardino, CA

We don’t just fund with hard money loans, we guide our borrowers!


Financial Coaching

Are you a new borrower or a newbie in the real estate industry? No problem! Aside from funding your real estate property deals, we guide our borrowers every step of the way. As investors ourselves, we have been into your situation before, we have borrowers passing through challenging times in their lives and we have dealt with a lot of borrowers in the past. Thus, we make sure that whatever you need and prefer, we can cater them in the most professional way. We know what you’re going through so we’ll help you fix your real estate property investment problems and seal all the deals – that’s our promise.

Peace of Mind

We are experts in catering you the best financing solutions through our hard money loan extensive terms and offers. We promise that while we’re on the contract, we will show up for you; ALL THE TIME. Reliability is one of our most treasured values so we pledge that we will be there when you need us. From the time of your loan application up to your last due date or even after you have completely paid the hard money loan off, you can rely on us. We treat our borrowers not just clients but we build relationship with them that we also cultivate and nourish time after time. We want to help you finance your real estate deals with tons of peace of mind. It’s on our top priority.


Safe Collaterals

Our lending company ensures that you will be successful and profitable when you choose to borrow hard money from us. We guarantee you the best possible deal based on your collateral. However, you will be rest assured that your properties and investments are all safe with us. We do our very best to protect and safeguard them as if they are ours. So when the time comes that we’ll hand them back to you, they are more valuable and even better. 

What are you waiting for? If you need fast hard money at San Bernardino, CA now to seal that real estate property deal, finance fix and flip, fund a new property or just to tailor your unique project needs, CALL US NOW! 555-555-5555