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The most accessible financing solution nowadays is through hard money lending. With minimal documentation, fair loan approval process, hassle free loan application and fast validation, truly private money lending is the answer to your problems. If you are in need of funds to finance real estate property extensions, remodeling, new investment, closing deals, fixing defaults and foreclosures, buying a new commercial property and so many more, all you have is to apply a hard money loan at Henderson, NV now and get funded pronto!




When you deal with a direct private lender, the underwriting process is guaranteed faster and easier. No middleman on the way to cause delays and other setbacks. This means that you can get the money just after a few short days.



Traditional lending institutions especially banks ask for much documentation and fully focus on assuring your capability to pay off the loan. Thus, the process is long and completion of the standard loan matrix is tedious. Unlike with a hard money lender, ask us now and let us know your financing needs and concerns then we’ll tell you right away if your loan is doable. You’ll get the approval the same day that you applied for the loan. No waiting, no hassle!



As a direct hard money lender, we assure you that we have direct access to our capital funds. This means that can get funded right away. Once we have handed you your Letter of Loan Commitment, no more throwing in the towel and get funded in just 7 days. You can close and save your next real estate property deal right off the bat.

Hard Money Loans Henderson, NV Save You from Your Drawbacks

Hard Money Lending Henderson, NV Offers Best Real Estate Deal Solutions, Long Beach CA

Bank Rejections

One of the so many reasons why borrowers deal with hard money lending is because banks have turned them down. Banks and other traditional lending institutions offer loans in exchange of good credit history, high credit scores, no cases of defaults and foreclosures, appealing documentation and tons of interviews. However, not all borrowers can meet all these iron-fisted loan requirements hence so many ended up being rejected. When you are one of them then don’t give up because even though banks have given you thumbs down, hard money lending is willing to pick you up – 24/7.

Bad Credit History, Low Credit Scores

We offer extensible loan terms to all property owners and real estate investors regardless of whatever past circumstances they may carry with them. If you don’t have a beseeching credit history and you may have experience recent defaults, foreclosures and even bankruptcy, we still come up with the best financing solutions to help you fix all these. Don’t get us wrong, we still look after your documentation but we don’t dig deeper.

Defaults and Foreclosure cases

As a real estate investor, we understand that misfortunes such as defaults and foreclosure bail outs are parts of the real estate industry. These happen for variety of reasons but we don’t think that most of us purposely created the situation hence we always give our borrowers the benefit of doubt. In cases like these, you will still have great opportunities to get funded for your quick fix.

Why Choose Hard Money Lending Henderson, NV?


Flexible loan terms and offers

What’s good with getting a hard money loan is that you deal with a direct private lender hence instead of following the standard loan matrix like others; we go to the other way. Our other way means that we can customize and strategize multitude of loan terms and options. We offer our borrowers the money and the terms that will make hard money work for them. You can choose paying the interest first them the rest in lump sum before the due date or get a short term based loans and pay them off after a few months or years, and so much more. We help you get the funds you need the way you want it!


Easy Loan Application

No need to present yourself to us the moment you decided to apply for a loan. You can send us a message or call us directly and let’s start working on the best loan terms for you. You can even get the approval right away. Easy, fast and absolutely no inconvenience.


Equity based loans

Hard money lending is equity based lending institution. Thus, though we still look at your files and history but we don’t focus mainly on this and your capability to pay off the loan. History should never get in the way of your loan approval. If the equity of your property is good and your history is somehow crummy, hard money lender will still give you chance of getting your real estate investments funded. When your property is valuable then be confident, you’ll get the funds in 7 days!


Letter of Loan Commitment the next day

We understand the need for quick financing especially when closing property deals hence we offer hard money loans in as fast as we can. In addition to that, we can provide you with written loan commitment the next business day so you can submit it together with your property proposals to get better offers and earn trusts from investors. But wait, there’s more! We don’t stop in giving you written approval as quick as we can because rest assured that together with it, the funds are also immediately available. This means that you get the money in flesh after a few days.

Hard Money Lending And Private Money Loans Henderson, NV

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  • Same Day Approval
  • Letter of Loan Commitment the next business day!
  • Competitive rates among other with NO JUNK FEES
  • Extensible Loan Terms and Multitude of Options
  • Years of Experience as a Direct Hard Money Lender
  • Minimal Requirements
  • Fast and Smooth Loan Process – from Application to Closing

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