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We have been a DIRECT Hard Money Lenders Las Vegas, NV for over the years now specializing in giving the best financing solutions to property owners and real estate investors. We offer hard money loans to close that escrow or have your next real estate property deal funded as quick as possible. Private money for those who want to buy a new property, fix that default and foreclosures, fund a construction completion and finance a ground-up construction. Over the years, we have also made successful fix and flip business, helped businessmen purchased their own commercial properties.

Let us tell you something you don’t know about Hard Money Lending Las Vegas, NV.

Easy and Fast Application to Approval Process

Our borrowers keep on coming back for so many reasons but one of the best is because we offer loans at high speed. From the easy application to swift approval that takes a day up to the releasing of Letter of Loan Commitment after 1 business day. Everything is sure to happen in nothing flat, no waiting game and no mind games.


No Turndowns

While banks and other traditional lending institutions refuse to do the loan, we always come up with the best solution to pick you up. We promise fair loan approval process done with real people and not with computer-based applications assuring our borrowers that your files will be checked with great fairness and green light.


Minimal Documentation

Why hard money lenders process loans faster than banks and traditional lending? The answer is because we work only with what are essentials. We give loans with no income verification, no digging up on your credit history and we don’t put too much focus on your past circumstances. Hence in cases of defaults, foreclosures, low credit scores and recent bankruptcy; you’re still given a chance to get funded. No need for lengthy and tedious verification process so we can approve your loan and hand the money in no time, rest assured!



We are directly dealing with our private investors and borrowers with definitely no middleman hence there will be no surprises at the closing table. Our rates our competitive with other lending institutions but presume true that all our rates and fees are final upon signing the contract, no hidden charges, not even junk fees. No application, underwriting and not even site visit fees. We live by giving financing solutions to our borrowers as black and white as possible.


Borrower Protection

We provide hard money loans with borrower’s protection and assurance policies included. This protects the transaction and enforces the terms of the transaction on your behalf. And because we are an equity-based loan institution, we bet on our borrowers that your properties will be safe with us.

Why Real Estate Investors and Property Owners Choose Us for their Hard Money Loans Las Vegas, NV?

  • Quick Closing

We are a direct private money lender; this means that we have a direct access to the capital funds that makes the whole loan process faster and hassle free. We can release the funds just after a short period of days.

  • Same Day Approval

Unlike with traditional lending where borrowers need to wait for weeks and sometimes months before they know whether their loan requests are approved or rejected. With us, we can immediately say when your loan is doable just after an hour of talking to you. No waiting and no lengthy verifications needed.

  • Letter of Loan Commitment the next day

To get better offers and to earn the trust of property owners, we can supply to you the written Letter of Loan Commitment the next business day so you can submit it together with your contract proposals and score that property chop-chop.

  • Flexible Loan Terms

We offer customized loan terms for our borrowers to fully make the best out of their hard money. We provide you the best financing solutions that you can pay off with no troubles at all. You can tell us what your needs and wants are and we will work it out. 

Why get Private money now? 

If you need to fund your next real estate property investment, close that escrow, fix a default and forecloses asap, finance a property construction or just in demand for a refinancing, get a private money now!

  • EASY, FAST and FREE to Apply!
  • Quick closing with SAME-DAY APPROVAL
  • No hidden charges, NO JUNK FEES
  • NO Income Verification Loans offered
  • FLEXIBLE Loan Terms for your Benefit
  • DIRECT Private Money Lending Company
  • Get Funded in as short as 7 DAYS! 

Call us today  555-555-5555 to see how we can help you build your success in Real Estate Investment Las Vegas, NV.


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