As you embark on your next house flipping project, success and quick sales will be at the back of your mind. With the variety of décor, finishing and other upgrades to choose from, you’ll need to be careful not to go overboard or underperform at the end. How do you ensure your efforts will attract your target market quickly?

Look around you.

The kind of properties in the neighborhood where your house flip is situated is your best indicator of the what, when, where, and what not, to do. Surely, nearby properties and the kind of people (their income level, average age, etc.) residing in them will guide you and give you the best idea on how to proceed. Ask yourself: What kind of living environment would this kind of buyer be most interested in? Usually, cost-saving, child-friendly (for young families), homely atmosphere and so on. Try not to deviate too much from what you see around you, just add a few creative and unique touches, and it will stand out in an instant.

Let’s look at a few tips you could use to make your property outshine others without going overboard.

Private Money Lending1. Maintain The Charm Of The Property.

Don’t be in a hurry to wipe out everything about the history of the house. After all, buyers are aware that people have lived there before. All you want to do is restore and modernize it without stripping it of its charm and history completely. Maybe leave some of the original architectural features in place if they are still in good condition. Things like brick or stone walls, wood paneling, arches and pillars, antique accessories, decorative shutters, Corinthian columns, and so on. 

multi project colatoral loans2. Improve The Energy Efficiency Of The House.

Energy efficient lighting systems have become trendy for some years now, and savvy homeowners will be on the lookout for them. They have improved tremendously over the years, and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. LED lighting will advertise your home as low maintenance, energy efficient and modern. This will give you an edge because buyers will know their monthly energy bills will reduce.

You can get new LED fittings for about the same cost as traditional light fixtures.

3. Improve On The Exterior.

Many renovators get carried away with the interior of a house and do everything to make it as modern and welcoming as possible, but they completely overlook the outside. There are many little touches you can bring to your house flip that will make it a winner and possibly even command a higher selling price without breaking the bank or upsetting your initial renovation budget.
For instance, if your property has a large green area that’s been neglected, with a bit of ingenuity you can convert it to something that will make sure your buyers are in a hurry to move in!

Imagine if you added planters, a small play area for kids, a garden hammock or swing set, garden gnomes, a walkway and wrought iron furniture, etc. With some tweaking, you have just created something fit for a king and queen. Honestly, the options are endless. Just be careful not to introduce a feature that will require a lot of maintenance.

4. Add Local Character.

hard money loans closed fastWith some creativity, you can make even the most basic and bland of houses stand. This applies especially when you are buying one out of a row of houses. You can find budget pieces that will add some character to your house at garage sales and antique shops, and even online too. You’ll be amazed at the kind of affordable one-of-a-kind items you’ll find on sites like eBay for instance.

Remember not to be too adventurous as you’ll still have to appeal to the tastes of potential buyers. Also, you may need to confirm if there are any restrictions in place on the kind of items you can add to your building exterior particularly in the front.

5. Incorporate Flexibility With Upgrades.

As you go about improving the features in and outside your building, avoid customizing it in a way that it will appeal to a very limited set of buyers.

It’s frustrating when numerous buyers like your house but keep turning it down because of one particular change you made. If you are thinking of partitioning an open space, instead of permanent walls can you maybe introduce a folding wall instead? You could even consider a Japanese folding screen if it goes with the rest of the interior. Buyers will be more inclined to buy when they see that they can always fold and unfold it as their needs require.

Apparently, all these tips won’t involve too much effort or funds to execute. But, if you can take the time to include a couple or more of them in line with the needs of your target market, you’re likely to make a sale in record time and be off to the next project.