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In dire need to close a real estate property deal sooner rather than later? You don’t want to miss the opportunity yet you don’t have the funds at the moment? You have tried borrowing money from bank institutions and you got rejected. Hard money loans at Long Beach CA may be the answer to your problem. We offer you real estate loan deals with fast approval process, competitive interest rates and fair loan approval decision. Private financing offer efficient loan offers compared to other traditional lending institutions hence the approval is fasten and the offers are much more personalized to work best on the borrower. Borrowers get same-day approval if the loan is doable and if the equity is big then expect the letter of loan commitment the next day.

Have you been turned down by others? We can be of help!


Bank Refusals

Borrowers being rejected by banks and other traditional lending institutions have been the bread and butter of private money lending. Borrowers deal with private investors because they are given fair loan approval and better loan options that traditional bank institutions cannot offer. Compared to bank loan approval process, private money lenders personally look after your files so rest assured that you will be given fair judgment unlike with bank financing that uses computer-based loan approval applications. In addition to that, because you are dealing with real people, the over-all loan process is much faster and efficient. Thus, even though banks have refused you a number of time, we still give you a big chance to get your real estate deal funded. When others say no to you, we are the only one that would say a big YES!


In Cases of Bad Credit History

You will experience tons of rejections from other lending institutions and this will be due to various reasons. In case of defaults and foreclosures, you will have a very tiny chance to get your real estate deal funded. You’ll not get their trust to lend you the funds that you need most especially if you have bad credit history and if you have recently undergone bankruptcy. These misfortunes will lose your chance to get traditional lending’s approval. But not and never with private money lending! We strongly believe that these bad lucks are all part of investing in real estate but not all these are because of poor intellectual capability of the borrowers. We offer fair judgment to your loan request no matter what your past has to say. Instead of refusals, we come up with better solutions to help you fix these misfortunes. We give you funds to fix your defaults and foreclosures; and to sooner stand up from the dust. We give you the best loan terms so you can pay off the loan without any trouble; we do this without looking beyond your past circumstances.

Your past credit no longer exists and your future with us is what matters now.

Hard Money Lending Offers Best Real Estate Deal Solutions, Long Beach CA


Quick Approval

Traditional bank institutions will prolong your agony, playing mind games whether you’re either in or out. With private money lending, this is a big no-no. Right after looking at your file, we can quickly say when your loan is doable or not. No prolonging the agony and no mind games at all. If the equity is big then you can expect your letter of loan commitment in just one day. No need to line in lone queue at all. Everything is fast, instant and straight-forward.


Fast and Easy Communication

With private money lending, we offer you the best loan options that will work best for you. We suggest, deal and process your loan requests personally with no bridges in between. This is also the reason why the over-all loan approval process is faster and more efficient. The borrower communicates personally with the private investor hence they can talk and work on a much better option that will work best on the borrower and the investor as well. Straightforward communication with no channels or divisions to go through. No panel interviews and no long line of queue as well. Whatever the borrower has to say, it can be delivered directly to the investor thus no waiting and no misunderstanding.


No Hidden Charges

We offer hard money loans with competitive interest rates and upfront payment fees compared to other lending institutions. However, what we can promise is that we offer everything in clear and crisp. No hidden charges and surprise fees that you need to pay upfront or while paying off the loan.


Extensible Loan Offers

One benefits of working with a private money lending investor is we work mainly on our own. This means that we usually don’t follow the common loan matrix that banks and other traditional lending institutions usually follow. We try our best to come up with best solutions to fund your deals with offers that will work best on you. We want you to use your hard money in the best way possible. Hence, our offers are extensible and it matches up your financial capability. You can pay in various ways that will be efficient and light for you. We give loan offers with no pressure on our borrowers so we can assure that our borrowers will find hard money loans useful rather than a burden in their lives. We have various payment structures to suit your lifestyle, your needs and your wants. You borrow directly with a private investor so whatever your concerns are, as long as these will be for the efficiency of the loan, we’ll guarantee it to you.

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