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Closing your next real estate property deal with no cash on hand is such a tricky challenge to all homeowners and real estate investors. Real estate deals not being funded can lead to missed opportunities and chances hence we offer you better funding solutions most commonly known as hard money loans. Hard Money Loans Riverside, CA a direct access to capital funds by private investors to ensure that all underwriting loan processes are fast and hassle free. You can close that escrow; seal your next real estate property deal with no waiting time.

Why Choose Us for your Hard Money Loans Riverside, CA?


Direct Lender, No Middleman

Dealing with a direct lender with no middleman means that you have direct access to capital funds thus the process of getting a hard money loan is fast, much easier and painless. Borrowers should be reassured that the funds are coming from the lender’s office and not from a third party or else the borrower’s preapproved loans may fall out at anytime whenever an investor doesn’t approve the loan. With us, you are sure that all our money is ours. The funds are all in house and fully managed to let our borrowers get the funds as fast as we can once the hard money loan gets approved with no one in between our borrowers and us.


Same Day Approvals

We understood the competitive real estate industry today hence, we believe that is it is hugely beneficial to offer our borrowers fast mandates and confirmation to their loan requests. That is why, we try our very best to let our borrowers know whether their loan is doable or not in just an hour. Alongside with our same day approvals, we also hand Letter of Loan Commitment the next day so you can submit it with your purchase contracts to increase the chance of getting your offers accepted. You will no longer miss an opportunity and get that next deal right away!


Loans in as little as 7 days

We offer the best lending solutions with no hassle and we hate keeping our borrowers waiting. We also understand the benefits of getting your real estate property deal funded as quickly as possible. Thus, because we have a direct access to capital funds, we can reassure you that once we have checked your files and you agreed to all the terms then we can begin processing your hard money loan and get your funds in a week. Yes, 7 days is the sweetest solution we have come up with to strengthen your offers and close that deal. Unlike with banks and other traditional lending institutions that will keep you waiting for weeks and sometimes, even months; without any assurance whether your loan will be approved or not. That’s a total waste of time and energy.


No Junk Fees

We offer hard money loans with fixed interest-only rates that vary due to different factors. However, we promised that our fees are totally competitive and sometimes even lower compared to other hard money lenders. Also, we assure our borrowers that aside from the fees they have to shoulder for the loan documents and other legal documents, we don’t charge our other services anymore. We fund your real estate property deals with no hidden charges and surprise fees along the way.


Easy to Apply

If you need financing assistance to for your real-estate investments, we offer the best loan terms and conditions with no pain at all. The process is easy, fast and totally free. Send us a loan request or you can call us directly to talk about your loan request. Once we get all the minimal information we need and the documents necessary then we can promise to hand you your Letter of Loan Commitment in just 1 day. Aside from that, you are rest assured that the funds will be available in just 7 days. No need to fall in line in a long queue, no middleman, no panel interviews, no unnecessary documents needed and to apply is absolutely FREE.

In Financing your Real Estate Investment Riverside CA, We are ALWAYS on Your Side

Hard Money Lending Offers Best Real Estate Deal Solutions, Riverside, CA


Banks Negation

Banks and other traditional lending institutions refused borrowers for variety of factors and reasons. Most common is in the case of defaults and foreclosures. Traditional lenders don’t give approved loans to those who have these misfortunes while with us, we think of better solutions to fix these as immediate as possible. We understand that defaults and foreclosures are not because of the borrower’s poor intellectual capabilities hence we still give them the funds they need without looking beyond their past circumstances. We help you fix your real estate problems through our extensible loan terms so you can fully use your hard money loan to the best way possible. When others are giving you a cold shoulder, then expect us to be on your side, always.


Bad Credit History and Low Credit Scores

We assure our borrowers that we solely approve loans more commonly than the standard loan matrix that traditional lending practices. We look at your files but we don’t dig deeper on your bad credit history and low credit scores. Thus, even you are just starting out, still clearing past loans or standing up from bankruptcy; you are given fair chances to get the funds that you need. Our hard money loans come with flexible terms and conditions as well to help you pay them off with no pain and hassle free. As a lender, we don’t just finance your real estate investments, we also help you with fix your real estate problems.

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