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Hard money lending provide hard money loans for property owners and real estate investors to fund their various real estate projects and investments. We finance borrowers through asset based lending that are guaranteed EASY, QUICK and HASSLE FREE. We fund various real estate transactions including residential properties, commercial, land and even multi-family residential. Call us now for FREE consultation. Start acquiring the funds you need for FREE!

Hard Money Lending Reno, NV, A Great Funding Alternative


Quicker than Banks and Other Traditional Lending Institutions

When you get a hard money loan, you can count on quick mandate in 1 day! We tell if your loan is doable just after hours of checking your files and getting minimal information from you, no waiting game and no panel interviews needed. Unlike from traditional lending, we create structured customized underwriting terms that are flexible to perfectly fit our borrowers’ capability. We use real people to check on files plus we require minimal documentation – all these fastens the entire loan approval process so we can give you our answer after an hour and our approval the same day. With a direct hard money lender, there’s a smooth path to closing – no waiting and endless mind games.


Approves Beyond Bad Past Credit History Like No Other

Regardless of your credit history, whether you just had bankruptcy or low credit scores, we can still provide the funds you need for your successful real estate agreements and refinance. We approve loans according to the more common factors and we don’t follow the standard loan matrix of traditional lending. This means that we give chances to all our borrowers without looking beyond their past circumstances. We even help instead of ignoring those in cases of defaults and foreclosures.

Why Thousands of Real Estate Investors and Property Owners Chose Hard Money Lenders?

  • Hard money lending hands the funds you need right away to close that next real estate property deal.
  • Hard money lending approves loans despite of a recent foreclosure, short sale, bad credit history of even records of bankruptcy
  • Hard money lending is for every borrower including those self-employed property owners who don’t have enough employment history as documentation
  • Hard money lending fastens all the underwriting process, no long qualification process
  • Hard money lending funds even those uninhabitable properties that banks usually refuses at providing lending
  • Hard money lending deals with direct private investors reassuring the release of funds just In 7 days!
  • Hard money lending offers customized, flexible and easier loan terms.
  • Hard money lending is more EFFICIENT and FASTER.

Why Hard money lenders don’t want involved and long qualification process?

When applying for a conventional loan from banks and other lending institutions, expect that the application process alone can take up to 30-45 days before you can finally receive the loan decision. This is due to a lot of filling out paper works, completing documentation and of course waiting. Hard money lenders don’t want to waste time so we always cut to the chase and ask only what is necessary. We focus on the value of the collateral so we don’t need other documentation at all hence a lot of time is saved. We guarantee a short and standard loan application to make it brief but effective. Once completed and returned, we immediately go to the approval process that can be done the same day. We believe that real estate investors need quick funds so we give it to them.

Letter of Loan Commitment – the next day!

When we say we offer quick financing solutions to your next real estate property deal, we stay true to our words. What we even meant with quick is that we try our very best to hand in your Letter of Loan Commitment, the next day. This is for those borrowers who want to own a new property, they can submit their Letter of Loan Commitment or Intent (LOI) together with their purchase contracts to earn the trust of the property seller and receives better offers. The funds are readily available as well in just 7 days! 

Bridge Loans – Short Term Real Estate Financing Reno, NV

We offer our borrowers various types of loans that will work best for them, one of which is short term loans or most commonly known as Bridge Loans. Are you in need of quick financing to buy a new property? See what our short term loans can do for you to leverage properties equity to close quickly and without aggravation. If the equity is right, we can offer you bridge loans in just a few short days with competitive rates and minimal documentation. If you need funding that you’ll pay off in short terms, CALL US NOW!

Hard Money Lending Refinancing Solutions Reno, NV

For those who already have property titles in hand and you just want to improve your property, invest in a new one or just in dire need of funds to cover expenses then we have unique cash out refinancing opportunities for you. We have hard money terms that will work the best for you and we even make it painless so even those property owners who purchased just this year are refinanced, absolutely and with no hidden charges. Ask us now to know more about our Cash outs and Refinance Loan terms and offers.

Nothing is more important than getting funded

Hard money lending industry is known to be hard to everyone but we can tell you that with us, our loan process is anything but hard. We don’t put pressure on our borrowers and we want them to finance their real estate investments fast, easy and hassle free. As for the rates, what hard money lending offers may seem to be really higher than banks and other traditional lending institutions but then again, though they offer lower rates and interests, the main point is that they don’t want to do the loan with you. In the long run, getting funded is your main goal and hard money lending will make it possible.