Hard money loans are helpful in financing your Real estate business investments. The private lenders can lend you easy and fast private money to suffice the amount you need to settle a property, have it repaired and sell it for a higher price that will earn you huge profit. All the keys you need are just the factors you should consider when looking for a property. You aren’t just buying a house but a good property that will be worth as a loan collateral. You should also spot a property that will earn you huge profit after all the repairs, you should get in a lower price but must up for resell for a good price.

How to spot a property for bigger profit?


Before you buy a property, ensure first that it is in a prime location especially if you have plans of reselling it. Investing in a house that will not appeal to the buyers will just keep your money dry and useless for a long period of time. Choose a location that will be appealing in a property investment. Choose a house near major necessities and avoid those in remote areas of too far from the civilization. You may get it in a very cheap price but you’ll find it hard to score buyers.


The foundations of the house are the best parts of a property. Just like in a human’s body, these are the skeletons of houses hence you must assure that the foundation of the house you’ll buy must be sturdy and made in the highest quality possible. Aside from the safety you’ll get in securing safe and strong house foundations, having these repaired will cost a very huge amount of money. Hence, the lesser the need for foundation repair or rehabilitation, the lesser the costs you need to fund. Rehabilitating the foundation of the house may eat up all the profit you would earn once the property was sold.


Properties in Las Vegas should always be HVAC-equipped because the weather here is unbearable at times and living in a house with no good HVAC installed is such a no-no. Thus, when looking for a property to invest in, it should be with good working and maintained HVAC systems. Aside from the comfort it could bring, a well working HVAC would save you tons of money because the repairs and replacement would cost an arm and leg. When you score a property in need of an HVAC repair or HVAC installation then you’ll surely need to invest bigger amount of money with no guarantee that buyers would buy it in a more expensive price. It’s either you’ll sell it in a cheaper price with less to almost none profit but gets it sold fast or have it up for sale expensively and wait for forever before somebody appreciates it and finally spends money for it.

If you don’t want any of these then better to check first the HVAC systems of a property, bring an HVAC contractor to help you assess the units and know the estimate costs to have an idea whether it will make you richer or poorer.


Roof repairs are another costly home improvements hence when checking the properties you’ll want to buy. Look for layers of shingles and when you notice more than 2 then that house probably needs roof replacement. You can also check the ceiling of the entire house and look for any water marks. These are signs that roof has problems and you may want to replace it before selling it. Roof damage especially when it’s too huge can be dramatically expensive so you should include it in your budget and make sure the house will be worth the high price after the roof rehabilitation.


Both for safety of the soon-to-be house owner and cost-effective rehabilitation, you should have the all the electrical connections checked. Look for any troubles in the breaker and performing a cheap safety electrical test would be recommended. If you are going to add anything or you need to replace any, keep in mind to update your budget for the rehabilitation.


Don’t forget to include the price of a fresh paint both for the insides and outer part of the house. New colors and the freshly painted surfaces will do a big difference in the property. It creates an illusion of a much better house which looks younger, newer, fresher and well-maintained. Go for the basic colors to comprehend general’

Walls and Floors

These two other surfaces of the house need extra care because they can either make or break your property’s over-all look. Thus, when looking for an investment house, check the walls and flooring for any damages and take note to add the expenses in your budget. Remember that an investment house with a drywall is fine but it can easily push your buyers away so you can just dodge the idea of getting the property or accept the fact that you have to replace it and it will surely cost a lot. Spot holes on the walls and keep in mind that each of these holes means money you have to add in your rehabilitation budget.  The floors must be crisp clean and free from messy stains, if the flooring is tiled then any broken sides or damages must be noted.

Plumbing system

Take time to check the plumbing system of the house. Make sure that the flushes work and all the water pipes are working in good condition. Plumbing repairs can cost a lot as well so better to choose a property with no any or just minor plumbing issues to solve. The heaters are usually turned off when you check the houses so just check whether they look old already and if ever they need replacement, you have to prepare a budget for that.